Tickets for the Diary of Anne Frank

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Anne Frank Promo card.jpg

Tickets for the Diary of Anne Frank


Part of UYT's Uniting the Youth Theatre Series, Anne Frank will be double casted, joining together a cast of kids from our after school performing arts program at Holy Family with a separate cast of individuals all through the community. Together, these separate casts will work hand in hand to bring this compelling story to life on the stage while also bringing together youth from all areas of our community! 

Once you order your ticket, it will be available at Will Call on the night of the show

October 19th: 6:00pm (Holy Family cast) -       

October 20th: 6:00pm (Community Cast)  

October 21st: 2:00pm (Holy family Cast)                

October 21st: 6:00pm (Community Cast)

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