Show FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions: Shows

When will I receive my tickets?


You will receive your tickets when you arrive for the show. When you arrive the day of the performance, there will be a line labeled “will call” line for you to pick up your tickets. Tickets can also be ordered at our website

Where is the show located?

All shows are located inside the Century Center located in the heart of Downtown South Bend.

How long is the Show?

Show lengths vary:

Full length musical: 1.5-2 hours

Junior musical: 1 hour

Play(s): 1.5-2 hours

Frequently Asked Questions: Auditions

Where Can i find information for upcoming auditions?

All current information for upcoming auditions can be found on our website. We also send out regular emails about audition information at least 2-3 weeks before auditions as a reminder.

How do I audition?

All you have to do is show up! Auditions are held in Suite 18, located in the Century Center. When you arrive, our volunteers will guide you through the signup process and help get you on your way to your audition.

What is the audition process like?


At UYT we work very hard to make our auditions as stress free as possible! Typically during an audition, you will be taught a song and dance number and will be asked to perform in small groups and solo.

Is there a fee to Audition?

There isn’t a fee to audition, but if cast, there is a production fee for all cast members that ranges from $70-$100.