Education FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions: Education

How do i register for classes or camps?


You may register online or through the mail. The mail-in registration form can be found on the class/camp description, and the online version of the registration form can be found on the “REGISTER NOW” page.

How much do classes/camps/workshops cost?

Half Day Summer Camps: $115

Full Day Summer Camps: $220

Workshops: $10

Masterclasses: $40

Weekly classes: $75

What are the age ranges for classes/camps?

Age ranges are displayed under each camp description. The grade is reflected in what grade the student is currently in. In the case of summer camps, it is based upon which grade the student will be entering in the upcoming school year.

WHere do classes/camps take place?

Generally, all classes and camps will take place in Suite 18 at the Century Center, unless noted otherwise by the teacher.